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Providing teachers with high quality instructional resources to ensure the inclusion of the African American experience in U.S. History for any student, in any school, at any time.



We curate African American History lessons, units and activities in a digital repository to centralize the search for instructional resources.  Saving teachers time and effort our lessons are aligned to the CCSS, Cooperative Learning Strategies, and Five Tenets of Critical Race Theory.


We are guided by the central question facing educators of inclusive history, “What do our children need to know about the African experience in America?”


Specificity, not generality, are at the core of our content.  Using CRT as a guide we select specific texts, instructional strategies, and learning standards to support the basic knowledge and skill attainment for students to develop mastery of skills, positive self efficacy, and high aspirations for life.



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Kweku Demetrius Hobson


Liberate History

Founded by Kweku Demetrius Hobson to support educators and families looking for Black History content that supports the development of critical consciousness in their students.  Brother Kweku is a graduate of Chicago Public Schools, Morehouse College, National-Louis University, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Through his career as a teacher and principal he experienced the challenge to find culturally centered content that affirmed the resistance, resilience, and restorative truths of the African experience in US History.

Kweku Demetrius Hobson
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